Bye, Winter Skin!


It is normally hot and humid here in Houston, but this fall/winter we’ve actually had temperatures below 50 and even snow (gasp). Needless to say, it has been an adjustment for my sensitive skin. Here are a few of my favorites that are going to keep my skin hydrated until warmer weather arrives.


Pictured above: The Body Shop Satsuma hand cream, body butter and body polish. The Body Shop Coconut, Shea and Almond Milk & Honey body butter. Lush lip scrub in Sugar Plum Fairy. Yes To Coconut ultra hydrating facial moisturizer (found at Target). Josie Maran whipped Argan oil face butter.

These all stars have kept my dry skin at bay. I exfoliate once a week using the Satsuma body polish and use a body butter afterwards. Honestly, I use the body butters year round, twice a day, to keep my skin silky smooth. Satsuma, obviously, is my favorite scent.


Seriously, I cannot sing the praises of these body butters enough. I use these little beauties year round. I love the creamy texture, delicate scent and how quickly they melt into my skin. I’m not greasy or sticky afterwards. All that is left behind is smooth, hydrated skin. I received these three in a holiday gift set (thanks, mom!). So far, Almond Milk & Honey is my new favorite with Shea as a close second.


I have to be really careful with what I apply to my face since I have sensitive skin and a crazy oily t-zone. Yes To Coconuts ultra hydrating facial moisturizer in truly non-greasy and light weight. I apply it generously at night to give my skin time to soak it all up. Did I mention that is smells like a mini vacation? The Josie Maran Argan oil is thick and emollient, yet fast-absorbing. I apply this to areas that need a little extra love like my forehead and cheeks. Lush’s lip scrub saves me from having raisin lips when they start getting dry. I lightly rub it on my lips with water and apply lip balm immediately after.

I hope you find these products as useful as I do! What are some of your winter skin favorites?

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