L. A. Girl Beauty Brick Blush Collections


L-R Glow Beauty Brick Blush Collection Spice Beauty Brick Blush Collection $9.00

I’ve been hearing a lot of wonderful things about L. A. Girl Cosmetics, so I was pumped to finally see a display at my local CVS. I picked up two beauty bricks (blush and contour palette) for under $20. Both contain 2 blushes (one matte and one shimmer), a matte bronzer and shimmer highlight. The packaging is sleek and simple with a magnetic closure. It does contain a narrow mirror, but I’ll be honest, I don’t see myself ever using it to apply makeup.


Swatches in natural light. Spice palette first four swatches (deep mauve matte blush, nude shimmer blush, matte dark brown bronzer and champagne shimmer highlight). Glow palette last four swatches (pinkish coral matte blush, true pink shimmer blush, light brown matte bronzer and white shimmer highlight). Sorry, they don’t have names!

I thought they swatched beautifully! The entire collection feels soft without being too powdery. I was able to pick-up a lot of color right away with my blush and contour brush. I was actually surprised, in a good way, by the amount of pigment the blushes and bronzers provided. The highlighters also give the perfect subtle glow that can definitely be amped up with a spritz of makeup setting spray.

I’ve been using a combo of the bronzers and highlights to create an easy peasy eye look. I use the nude shimmer blush and champagne highlight from the Spice palette to complete the look. I think these little guys are a STEAL at under $10 a piece and would highly recommend that you go grab one, or two, from your local drugstore.

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