New From Physicians Formula

I’ve had a long running love affair with Physicians Formula.  They’ve always had a special place in my heart because they formulate their products to be non-comedogenic and sensitive skin friendly. I’m always excited to see what new and innovative products they have coming out. These products were no different. I practically ran up to the drugstore display and happily purchased all the new goodies (it also helps that 3 out of the 4 had coupons attached, way to go PF).


Refreshmint & Bamboo Eye De-puffer

RefreshMint Cucumber & Bamboo Eye De-Puffer $9.95

My under eye situation is not ideal, so when I saw this little mint stick I immediately tossed it into my basket. It claims to be cooling, hydrating and contain de-puffing properties. I really wanted this to become part of my morning lineup, but I just couldn’t make it work for me.

Pros: The packaging is thoughtfully designed and the perfect size to swipe under eyes. There is an additional cap included, pictured above, to prevent the stick from drying out (very smart PF). The formula glides on easily, like a gel, under the eye. No tugging or pulling the delicate under eye skin. It truly is cooling and refreshing when applied. I instantly feel the cooling properties and cucumber working with just one swipe.

Cons: I do not see or feel any extra hydration. Honestly, it gives my skin a weird texture that grabs concealer and doesn’t play well with my eye cream. I also didn’t see any reduction in the puffiness around my eyes either. My biggest issue is that I can’t get it to work well with any of my concealers. I’m in my early thirties, so I don’t have time for products that accentuate texture, lines or dryness.

Spotlight Illuminating Primer

Spotlight Illuminating Primer $14.95

I’m a sucker for shiny things and rose gold. So, as you can imagine, this pretty little frosted bottle pulled me right in. I was also really intrigued by the blurring and correcting claims. Who doesn’t want perfect glowing skin?

Pros: The consistency of this primer is perfect for layering under or mixing into foundation. I also like to wear it on no makeup days to give my skin an extra boost. It is an illuminating primer, but it doesn’t make my face look glittery or greasy. It truly helps me achieve that healthy “lit from within” glow. I also notice my pores and blemishes are softer after applying the primer. Overall, I feel that it gives my skin a more polished and healthy look (i.e. it helps me fake good skin).

Cons: None. If you’re looking for an illuminating primer, I highly recommend this one!

The Healthy Foundation LC!

The Healthy Foundation SPF 20 $14.95

I’m always looking for an easy to wear foundation. I like lightweight foundation with medium coverage that looks like my skin, but better. The Healthy Foundation claims to be buildable. breathable, lightweight and have a satin finish. It also contains SPF 20 to protect skin and hyaluronic acid to add/retain moisture.

Pros: This foundation delivers on everything. EVERYTHING. It is so lightweight and breathable that I feel like I have nothing on my skin, even after hours of wear. It is buildable with a damp sponge, but also applies beautifully with a brush (my preferred method). It dries down to a nice satin finish that looks like my skin. The best part, for me, is that it doesn’t set into my fine lines or dry out my skin. Bonus, I notice that my t-zone is less prominent when I wear this foundation. If you can’t tell by now, I’m totally in love with this foundation.

Cons: I’m not a fan of the large doe foot applicator. I wish it had a pump instead. It would feel more like a high-end foundation if it did. This color (LC1) is not a perfect match for me, but close enough that I make it work. I hope that they add additional shades in the future.

Rose All Day Serum

Rosé All Day Oil-Free Serum $14.95

Again, the packaging sucked me in! What a gorgeous little bottle with pretty pink rose petals. The Rosé All Day serum claims to be brightening, tightening and help calm skin. As the name suggests, it contains rose water to help soothe and hydrate skin.

Pros: First, I must address the lovely fragrance. It smells like a bouquet of roses when I open the bottle and apply it to my skin. So, if you like roses like I do, you’ll adore this product. I also love how quickly this serum gets absorbed into my skin. Since it it oil free, there is no residue or wait time (like none). I can see and feel it slightly tighten my skin. Nothing too crazy. My favorite part about this serum is the luminous light pink sheen that it leaves on my skin. Definitely brightening without taking it too far.

Cons: If you are not a fan of roses, you’ll have a hard time applying this to your face. Also, I’m worried this may have caused my face to break out. Once my face clears up, I’ll test a few spots before making a decision.


Physicians Formula Swatches

L-R: Rosé All Day Serum | See that pretty pink glow?

The Healthy Foundation in LC1 | Almost a perfect match, almost.

Spotlight Illuminating Primer | Take notice of the subtle bronze glow. Stunning.

All in all, I’m impressed with the new launches from Physicians Formula. They continue to wow me and earn a place in my makeup bag. Have you tried any of these products from PF? What are your thoughts?

❤ Rachel

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