Blonde Hair Care

As the saying goes…blonde hair don’t care. Well, umm, actually I have to care a whole lot since my natural hair color is dark blonde (don’t roll your eyes at me, it is dark blonde-not brown). Over the years I’ve learned to take better care of my color treated hair and keep it mostly healthy. I’ve managed to get myself into a hair care routine that is easy to maintain, and you can too!

Blonde Hair Care

Blonde Hair Care

Currently, my hair is a cool beige blonde. I love, love, love it. So, I will do everything in my power to keep it from turning brassy, yellow and/or breaking off. I know that some damage is to be expected and cannot be avoided. Bummer. But, don’t give up hope! It can be minimized drastically by using blonde hair friendly products.

Blonde Hair Care

These three are my first line of defense against unwanted color changes and breakage. The Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde shampoo and conditioner gently wash my hair while also providing KerActive proteins to help repair damage and seal cuticles. The Platinum Blonde shampoo has a violet tint to help combat brassiness. Bonus-it also has extra conditioners to help hydrate dry, damaged hair.

I only wash my hair every two to three days because it is super fine and color treated. This helps reduce breakage since hair is most vulnerable when wet. I use the Forever Blonde shampoo and conditioner every time I wash. I love how it foams just enough to make you feel like you’re getting your hair really clean. The shampoo and conditioner do have a light, clean scent. Nothing that is overpowering or off-putting. I use the Platinum Blonde shampoo once a week for about 2 minutes to maintain color. If I see that my pretty blonde is turning yellow, I will leave it on for five-seven minutes.

Blonde Hair Care

L-R Platinum Blonde shampoo, Forever Blonde shampoo, Forever Blonde conditioner

I’ve used other purple shampoos in the past, but this one takes the cake. It doesn’t stain hair over time. Yes, I’ve had one brand slowly give me lavender hair. I wasn’t really mad about it though. The consistency is perfect for sitting on hair without dripping all over the shower while you let it do its thing. The Forever Blonde shampoo and conditioner also have a light purple tint as well.

Blonde Hair Care

Masking isn’t just for your face. Hair needs some TLC, too! I love these two from Pureology. The colour fanatic instant deep conditioning mask leaves my hair feeling smooth and healthy. I use it once a week when I’m going to let my hair air dry. I feel like air drying after a mask helps my hair soak in all of the masking benefits. I recently purchased the hydrate superfood treatment to see if I like it more than my original purchase. It seems lighter on my hair and smells like tropical yumminess.

*I’m sure you can tell that these are the mini sizes. As I said before, I have fine hair and cannot overload my hair or it will lay completely flat. I use very little product so these are the perfect 1-2 month supply for me. I believe they both retail for $8.

Blonde Hair Care

The Wet Brush changed my life. Well, my hair’s life. The flexible bristles bend so hair doesn’t break. Absolutely necessary when you have color treated hair. I use it on both wet and dry hair. Another tool I find helps reduce breakage is a wide tooth comb. I like to use it when I’m getting ready to style my hair. I find that I have way less snagging and breakage than with most other combs. Last, but not least, a solid leave in conditioner that provides heat protection is a must. My choice is It’s a 10 miracle leave-in lite. It protects my hair without weighing it down.

Blonde Hair Care

Like I stated earlier, I only wash my hair a few times a week and I like to air dry it at least one of those times. In between washes, I like to use the drybar Triple Sec 3-in-1 spray. First of all, the smell. I would buy that scent in candle, lotion and perfume form. Second, it gives my hair extra volume, texture and makes it look/feel so fresh and so clean. When I blow dry my hair, using this amazing blow dryer, I like to add Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum along with my leave-in conditioner. I use the smallest amount to calm fly aways and add extra shine. When I air dry, I give my hair a healthy spritz of awapuhi wild ginger texturizing sea spray from Paul Mitchell. It helps me achieve that “effortless” tousled look with added body and texture.

Blonde Hair Care

Platinum Blonde Shampoo | Forever Blonde Shampoo | Forever Blonde Conditioner | Texturizing Sea Spray | Super Skinny Serum | Triple Sec 3-in-1 | Miracle Leave-in Lite | Superfood Hydrate Treatement | Colour Fanatic Instant Deep Conditioning Mask 

Blonde Hair Care

I hope these products and tips help you as much as they help me. Thanks for stopping by.

❤ Rachel

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