My 2019 Intentions

Happy New Year 2019

I’m normally not one for setting goals or resolutions when the new year rolls around. Not because I don’t believe in the power of new beginnings, rather, I believe that you can start fresh whenever you feel necessary. This year, however, I’m determined to accomplish something that I have yet to do in my adult life. To love myself. Sounds simple, right?

Most of my life I’ve been filled with insecurities, fed myself a steady diet of negative self-talk and have been my harshest critic. I’m ready to change my outlook and put an end to my long affair with self-doubt. I know that it is a JOURNEY and in no way do I expect to “fix” myself over a year. Wouldn’t that be nice?! This is my first step in the direction towards self-love, acceptance and giving myself a little grace.

2019 Intentions


  • Appreciating my body for what it looks like and what it can do NOW
  • Looking in the mirror and saying kind words about my appearance
  • Wearing clothes, shoes and accessories with confidence
  • Using makeup to express myself and how I feel
  • Bettering myself and growing as a creative
  • Focusing on the positive
  • Being brave enough to try new things


  • Hating my body for what I feel that it is lacking
  • Looking in the mirror and pointing out every.single.flaw.
  • Thinking that I look silly or like a phony when I try new trends
  • Using makeup as a way to hide myself
  • Comparing myself to others
  • Concentrating on the negative *This one is SO hard for me!*
  • Letting the “what ifs” control my decisions

I’m hopeful that over the next year my blog will serve as a way to work towards my goals and share my journey with you. Here’s to 2019!

❤ Rachel

Makeup Flat Lay

What’s on my face: Eyes- Not a Basic Peach palette | Cheeks- Rosé Champagne blush & Blossom Glow highlighter | Lips- Appy lipstick and Champagne Mami gloss

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